Over 50 Years Of Putting Clients First

At Benjamin M. Del Vento, P.A., we work as a team to do one thing: advocate for our clients’ best interests at every turn. Over the more than half a century of our practice, our attorneys and staff have fought across New Jersey to create a united front for our clients so that they have the resources they need to make it through some of life’s hardest moments.

Our attorneys draw on our extensive professional network, many resources and deep well of knowledge. Each lawyer is individually talented and skilled, and we are proud of their contributions to our firm. To learn more about our attorneys, follow the links below:

Our Attorneys Are On The Same Page, And We Make Sure You Are Too

Because our firm’s history goes back more than a half-century, we have had the time to perfect our approach to the law, and we have put an emphasis on communication and cohesion. When a negligent party causes your injuries, we come together to bring the strongest possible case. Most importantly, we consider you a part of our team. This means you get to know all of us; there are no strangers in our office. We also make sure you know exactly what to expect and what options are available to you. At the end of the day, you are one of our team leaders.

Appointments Are Available And Free

We know that you are a busy person with a lot to manage, especially after your injuries. You can schedule an appointment at our Livingston office by calling 973-869-5325 or by sending us an email. We are also available for phone or video consultations.