A Car Accident Should Not Put Your Life In Chaos

Traffic accidents are on the rise in New Jersey, and fatalities are up more than 10% over 2021 statistics. The result is that more people are experiencing long-term health challenges after car wrecks. Not only are they left to navigate the medical system on their own, but they can be easily overwhelmed with bills and other financial challenges.

At Benjamin M. Del Vento, P.A., you are not alone. Our team of legal professionals stands with you and fights to keep you healthy – physically and financially. Our firm dates back over 50 years, with all the experience and fortitude that entails. Let our attorneys be your advocate: 973-869-5325.

What You Need To Know About Automobile Accidents In New Jersey

Car crashes come in many forms, but there are some common causes and consequences to be aware of. Most wrecks happen because of driver error, like texting while driving, excessive speeding or drunk driving. The consequences often involve broken bones, spine injuries, brain trauma or serious wounds and lacerations. For truck accidents or multicar pileups, the results can be even worse.

Insurance companies are well aware of the reasons accidents happen but are reluctant to pay for the expensive injuries that follow. We hold them responsible for a fair and complete settlement. This frequently includes financial compensation for medical bills, ongoing care needs, lost wages and other expenses related to your injuries.

What Happens Next Is A Phone Call

If you have an injury after a motor vehicle accident, get immediate medical attention, collect any evidence you have and then call our office. Based in Livingston, we work statewide with clients like you to take swift and effective action. You can reach our lawyers by phone or by emailing our office.