Common lifelong injuries that can result from a car accident

On Behalf of | Mar 20, 2023 | Car Accidents

Every motor vehicle accident, regardless of severity, has the potential to cause catastrophic injuries for those involved. In the most serious cases, these might be lifelong injuries that can affect your daily activities forever.

There are a few types of lifelong injuries that are relatively common in the wake of devasting car accidents. By learning more about these specific injuries, you can take the most appropriate actions as you strive to return to normalcy after a catastrophic event.

Traumatic brain injuries

A traumatic brain injury can occur when the skull, and therefore the brain, suffers a sudden physical impact. The most common types of TBIs from car accidents are closed-brain injuries, which can sometimes lead to long-term disabilities.


Paralysis is an unfortunate side effect that can arise from various types of spinal injuries after an accident. Depending on the location of the spine affected by the force of a car crash, an injury might cause paralysis in one or multiple limbs.


Another possible result of an intense motor vehicle accident is exposure to sharp metal objects that can cause deep lacerations in your body. These can give way to life-threatening infections. If circumstances make it impossible for medical professionals to get the infection under control, the only other option may be to amputate the affected body part before it spreads.

If you suffer a lifelong injury in a car accident due to the negligent actions of another driver, you deserve significant compensation for your suffering. Building the best case possible for your injury claim will give you the best chance at maintaining a comfortable quality of life despite the circumstances.