What To Expect From The Personal Injury Process

After a serious accident, you may have a lot of questions about how the personal injury process works and helps you get the compensation you deserve. You can get the settlement you need and the answers you are looking for with the help of a skilled New Jersey personal injury team.

At Benjamin M. Del Vento, P.A., we provide our clients with the compassion, knowledge and commitment they need from a personal injury attorney. From our Livingston office, our lawyers can answer any questions you may have about your case. Before you meet with us, we want to help you understand what to expect from the various stages of your compensation claim.

First Consultation

After your injury, you will meet with your attorney to begin building your claim. To help your initial consultation go more smoothly, bring any documents that can help shed light on how the incident happened, who may be responsible for it, what the resulting injuries were, and what your treatment was for those injuries.

Gathering Information

The information surrounding your injury is critical to maximizing your compensation. As your lawyers, we will gather all the available information in your case by going to the scene of the crash and taking photos, getting accident and police reports, determining all potentially liable parties, and obtaining medical bills related to your accident.

Creating A Demand Package

A demand package includes all the documentation that justifies the total sum that you and your lawyer expect for your injuries. The next step in your claim is to submit this package to the insurance carrier. We will assemble your demand package based on all relevant information, such as lost income verified by pay statements, medical bills, evidence of property damages and any injuries, and any reports from the police.

Negotiating With The Insurer

Once the insurance company reviews the demand package, they will either accept it or begin negotiating for a figure they find more acceptable. If negotiations can reach an agreeable outcome, then a settlement will be issued to you. If not, then we will enter litigation to fight for the compensation you deserve in court.

Start Your Claim Here

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