Worker’s compensation rights for car accidents while on duty

On Behalf of | Jun 2, 2023 | Workers' Compensation

Work-related injuries can take many forms, not just those that occur within the workplace. In New Jersey, if a worker suffers injuries in a car accident while on the job, they may qualify for worker’s compensation benefits.

It is important to understand how worker’s comp works so you can apply for the benefits you deserve.

Decoding ‘work-related’ car accidents

New Jersey’s worker’s compensation laws offer coverage to employees injured while carrying out work-related duties. This coverage includes employees injured in car accidents during work hours.

Any accident that happens while an employee carries out a job duty or activity benefiting the employer might qualify as work-related. This includes driving to deliver goods, traveling to meet clients or running errands for the employer.

Understanding what worker’s compensation covers

Worker’s compensation benefits take care of medical expenses, temporary total benefits, permanent partial benefits and permanent total benefits. The coverage pays for necessary and reasonable medical treatment, prescriptions and hospitalization services related to the work injury.

If an employee cannot work for more than seven days, they generally receive temporary total benefits. Permanent total benefits come into play when the worker cannot return to work permanently. Permanent partial benefits are payments made when a worker has a permanent disability that is not total.

Claiming worker’s compensation

To claim worker’s compensation benefits, the worker must report the accident to the employer immediately. After the worker reports the incident, the employer or their insurance carrier can assign a physician to treat the injured worker. The employer’s insurance carrier or the employer themselves, if they are self-insured, will cover all bills for necessary and reasonable treatment related to the work injury.

If you were in a work-related accident in New Jersey, take the necessary steps to get workers’ compensation.